Tips in Cabling

Some Knowledge of Power Electric Cable

Simbol Keterangan
re (re)
round solid conductor
size : 1.5 mm - 10mm2
rm (rm)
circular stranded conductor
size : 1.5 mm - 1000mm2
cm (cm)
circular compacted conductor
size : 25 mm - 800mm2
sm (sm)
sector shaped conductor
size : 50 mm - 300mm2

Designation of the electric cables

N - Cable with copper conductor
NA - Cable with alumunium conductor
Y - Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation
Y - PVC sheath for outdoor cable
2Y - Polyethylene (PE) insulation
2X - Cross-linked (XLPE) insulation
S - Copper tape screen
SE - Copper tape screening for each core
C - Concentric copper conductor
CE - Concentric copper conductor for each core
NFA - Standard twisted cable with alumunium conductor
T - Steel wire messenger
F - Galvanized flat steel wire
R - Galvanized round steel wire
Gb - Steel tape helix (following F or R)
B - Double steel tape armoured
re - Circular, solid conductors
rm - Circular, stranded conductors
Se - Shapped, solid conductors
Sm - Shapped, stranded conductors
Cm - Compacted circular stranded conductors