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How To Order

The following is a 6-quick-step, a guide for you to order :

  1. We would appreciate if you could sent us your inquiry by email or faxcimile. For our Reference Please state:
    • Company name, contact person, telephone and fax
    • Material request plan / Bill of quantities with Cutting plan (if there any)
    • Delivery date / The date of material has to be on site
    • For bid purpose or already purchase progress
    • Is there any request for our participation to your Supply Chain Administration (if you need us to be registered as vendor / vendor registration, HSE, etc)
    • Your Letterhead for identification
    • Sign
  2. We will reply by quotation / letter of offering.
  3. You decide to buy or not.
  4. If you say yes, we need you to sent us:
    • Purchase order
    • Specify: The cables type and quantity also the price, Date and Delivery Address, person in charge receiving the goods ordered.
    • Tax documents
  5. Payment - yes, you do realize that it has to be settled off course.
    • If needed, first we will fax or email to you our Pro-Forma Invoice to save time, then sent the original by courier the next possible day.
  6. We deliver, you receive the cables.

Done! See, simple isn't ?!!!

TEMBAGA - Sudut Pandang Kimia

Logam tembaga digunakan secara luas dalam industri peralatan listrik. Kawat tembaga dan paduan tembaga digunakan dalam pembuatan motor listrik, generator, kabel transmisi, instalasi listrik rumah dan industri, kendaraan bermotor dan bidang - bidang yang membutuhkan sifat konduktivitas listrik dan panas yang tinggi.

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