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PT Mega Kreasi Ekatama is a leading cable stockist majorly top five local cable brand and imported cables.

Establish in the middle of 1996, PT Mega Kreasi Ekatama takes pride in rapidity to deliver your cabling needs in time. Our large sum stocks would be your power in supplying on site and your partner to grow together.

We are your cables supplier from power electric to control cables. We supply your need in low voltage to medium, PVC - XLPE - PE cables, armoured and non-armour cables also whichever you find usefull in application such as underground, tray-duct or overhead cables.

Our best selling product covers the NYY, NYM, NYA, NYFGBY, see details in here.

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Permintaan Kabel Akan Terus Meningkat

Permintaan berbagai jenis kabel diperkirakan akan terus meningkat seiring dengan semakin banyaknya pembangunan di beberapa negara dunia, termasuk di kawasan Timur Tengah dan juga di Indonesia.

PT Mega Kreasi Ekatama Pindah Ke Bekasi

Ya, kami pindah ke Bekasi untuk meningkatkan kualitas pelayanan kami kepada Anda.

Contact us for your project:
T: +62-21-8260.3838
F: +62-21-8260.3737
CS Kabel MKE: 0878-9900-8000
Contact Us
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Gedung MKE Jalan Cipendawa Lama No. 89
Bojongmenteng, Rawalumbu
Bekasi Barat - Indonesia, 17117
T. +62-21-8260.3838
F. +62-21-8260.3737
Hotline Sales 1: Call 0811-1663-158 > Whatsapp Sales 1
Hotline Sales 2: Call 0812-8235-1751 > Whatsapp Sales 2
Hotline Sales 3: Call 0852-1235-3102 > Whatsapp Sales 3
Hotline Sales 4: Call 0811-1813-836 > Whatsapp Sales 4
Hotline Sales 5: Call 0822-1090-7882 > Whatsapp Sales 5
Hotline Sales 6: Call 0857-7204-6545 > Whatsapp Sales 6
Hotline Sales 7: Call 0811-8881-691 > Whatsapp Sales 7
Hotline Sales 8: CS Kabel MKE: Call CS 0878-9900-8000 > Whatsapp CS MKE